Olly Glenn

Reel Timestamps:
00:03 - Directional Displace Gizmo
00:14 - Whittled Down Compositing Breakdown
00:20 - Unity Animation Modifiers
00:27 - FEEDING_LOG_01172013
00:34 - Variable Rate Function Traversal
00:42 - Whittled Down Compositing Breakdown
Whittled Down Full Writeup


Picture of Olly Glenn holding a model of the clock creature from Whittled Down

Hi, I'm Olly! I'm a 3D artist specializing in technical direction / tech art (particularly tools), game development, and animation lighting and compositing. However, my experience solo-producing both films and games has given me a wide-spanning skillset, allowing for a degree of flexibility that comes in handy no matter where I am in the pipeline.

Strange and silly problems require stranger and sillier solutions, and there's nothing I love more than getting a unique production challenge to chew on. I'm not afraid to dig deep into the guts of whatever program I'm using--I don't let anything stop me from getting the look I'm looking for.

My most recent project was a mixed 2D/3D animated short called Whittled Down, which I completed as my college thesis. I handled every aspect of the 16-month production myself, including storyboarding, lighting, compositing, both 2D and 3D animation, sound design, pipeline management, and of course a heaping handful of custom plugins and tools. While it was incredibly intense, I loved every second of it. As I often said to myself when production got tough: I wouldn't do this if I didn't love it, and if it was easy it wouldn't be fun!

To see a comprehensive list of all the tools I've built, including those relating to algorithms, pipeline, workflow, and game engines, check out my tools page. I also have a page for my lighting and compositing work, and the games I've developed.


When I finish a particularly complicated or interesting project, I like to write out articles to document my process and act as a sort of postmortem. If you're curious about how I approach production, these are a great place to start!

They're in the Room With You: The Immersive Audio of FEEDING_LOG_01172014 describes the way I synchronized real-time game events with prerecorded video in my game FEEDING_LOG_01172014.

Designing a Game With No Graphics: The Design Challenges of Follow My Voice discusses my approach to designing a first-person game where players navigate entirely based on sound.

Whittled Down: An Overwhelmingly Thorough Breakdown is a comprehensive summary of my short film Whittled Down's production. It dives deep into every step of the process, from my approach to storytelling to the technical challenges of mixing 2D and 3D animation.


You can find my games on Itch.io and my code on Github, I try to keep my Instagram up-to-date with my most recent work.

Email: olly@ollyglenn.com